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and all of my guests tonight. the show is over. good night, everybody. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks"." quite a show for you guys. the romney team thinks they have struck gold with this line of attack. >> we believe in redistribution. >> if you're successful, you did not get there on your own. >> i believe in redistribution. >> redistribution of what. >> cenk: oh, my god they got him--nonsense. i'm going to rip that apart in just a little while. also i'm putting mitt romney on the clock. i'll tell you why in just a minute. then chick-fil-a, mission accomplished? did this line of attack actually work against chick-fil-a. >> when we look at zoning we have to look at the responsible actors. responsibility means not being
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discriminatory. >> chick-fil-a values are not chicago values. >> cenk: we have the man who started that campaign on the show today and we'll tell you whether it worked or not. and then these guys are in trouble. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> we just wanted to do it for fun, and we never thought it would be blown up to something like this. >> cenk: fire! right or wrong we decide tonight on "the young turks." that must mean only one thing. you know what time it is--go time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> all right there are 478% who are with him. >> it's not eleganty stated, let me put it that way. >> it's unfortunate when something gets misinterpreted like this. >> this is a message i'm carrying day in and day out.
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>> this is a leak from 1998. >> i believe in distribution. >> that is division. that is class warfare. >> have the government take from some and give to others. >> he was a refugee from mexico. he was on welfare for the first year of his life. >> you have to work for everybody. >> cenk: now people are debating, is mitt romney done or not? we started that debate last night on the show. some people are saying, no, no, he can make a comeback, and some of the polls are still close and they have a new line of attack against president obama nonsense. the minute that video got out this campaign was over. now, again i don't want to jinx it, of course a couple of miracles could happen. but you're going to begin to see as i said on the show last night that the republicans are going to pull away from this guy. in fact, we're going to show you some of that. but first, i want to put him on the clock.
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i am going to give you what basically romney getting clocked is two days since that video has been released. we're going to count up, and we're going to find out how many days it will take before the republicans pull the chute and say, no, we're not going to put any more money in the presidential race. we're shifting the money in the senate and congressional races because it's going to happen. you can see other people say other things on other channels, okay, but i'm putting him on the clock. it's over, and i don't know if it will be day 7 19, 27, we'll have to see. at some point the republicans are going to say that's it. pull the money out we got to rescue the senate. we got to rescue the house because this guy is tainting us all. now, the people who argue against me oh, no, you don't understand. they got another line of attack. they've got a secret tape of their own. here is president obama talking about redistribution of wealth.
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>> i think the trick is figuring out how to we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because i actually believe in redistribution. at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody has got a shot. >> cenk: oh, my god! i can't believe he said redistribution! except that totally is what we do with the tax code. that's what everybody does, the republicans do, the democrats do i'm going to rip that apart in the next segment but i want to show you how much hopes they're putting in on this. here comes mitt romney with this line of attack. >> this idea that the president has for redistribution. i know there are some people in this country who want the government to take from some and give to the others, and they would would like to be on the receiving end of that.
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>> cenk: first, he said that back in 1998 when he was not president. paul ryan, you're tagged, you're it. go with it. >> he'll try to distract and divide this country to win by default. president obama said that he believes in redistribution. [ booing ] mitt romney and i are not running to redistribute the wealth. mitt romney and i are running to help americans create wealth. [ cheering ] >> cenk: yeah, yeah, listen to that--no, it's not going to work at all. in fact, i'm not the one saying that. you can see it in the reaction not only of conservative commentators but also republicans running for senate running away from mitt romney. so first let's start with the commentators mark mckinnon, quote, mitt romney is running out of time. almost exactly what i told you just a little while ago.
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referring to the video that was leaked about mitt romney's fundraiser in boca raton. it was a moment that certainly revealed something about him. but not what i was hoping for. just the opposite. it reveals a deeply cynical man who sees the country completely divided as two completely different sets of people. finally on weather romney has a chance, he said romney has dug a hole so deeply now i don't know if he can pull himself out. so there is the republican saying this thing might already be over with 50 days to go, and he said, i was hopeful all along. i'm no longer as hopeful. that is stinging. then go to peggy noonan who worked with ronald reagan. the legendary ronald reagan. what does she say? the romney campaign is an incompetent one. the intervention is in order. mitt, this isn't working. you can tell the true panic from
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people running for senate on the republican side who are saying, oh like watch these guys run. quote. now that's not the democratic candidate for senate in connecticut. that's a republican candidate. speaking of republican candidates we go to senator scott brown in massachusetts quote, as someone who grew up in tough circumstances, i know that being on public assistance is not a spot that anyone wants to be in. too many people today who want to work are being forced into public assistance for lack of jobs. so in other words i'm going with that guy no, no, i'm going to run run run. as we see mitt romney in the middle of the ring, is it the
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democrats delivering the blows? watch this. romney in the middle of the ring, here he is. here he goes. noonan. there are the commentators. then we add mcmahon and brown. do we have those? okay. here's brown--no brown is not the inned middle of the ring. he's the elbow. any ways, you get the point. romney is in a lot of trouble. so now i want to have a discussion about this on what romney can do and how badly the republicans might have bungled this so that they lose their chance at the senate. let's bring in our own epic politics man to discuss that. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right michael i think this thing is already over. i know you disagree a little bit. now, let's just take it that
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it's not over, that you're right. what can romney do to get back into it? >> well, cenk, i said before romney's first worst gaffe whenever that was when he put the dog on the roof, i thought barack obama would win this election i haven't wavered from that. but there is a sense of cockiness that people are saying it's over. the poll numbers are devastating, but the national polls are still quite close. they're back to where they were almost right before the conventions or just after the conventions in some cases. so i think that that is something that the romney people can take to heart. when you look-- >> cenk: no, i'm going to jump right in. i don't agree with you. i think the polls are--some of the polls are deceptively close for the moment--deceptively far apart. >> cenk: no, they're not. the swing states that obama is fairly comfortable in, i'm telling you right now in a week to ten days that margin will be
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so large. >> you're right. there were 11 swing state polls that came in today, and the president is ahead in all of those polls. >> cenk: come on. >> you know who i think is going to win the election. i'm just saying there are 45 days left in this election, and romney is not going to go away. he's going to keep coming back to the economic issues. if you look at the pew poll, it's a big poll for the president. he's up eight points and deep in that poll on the issues of economy and energy behind the conservative base, the challenger romney has a little bit of room to move. >> cenk: no, i saw those same polls, and you're picking at silver lining at an incredibly dark cloud. almost all the numbers were saying, oh my god we trust obama more whether it's the economy, likability, or the person that we see understands our pain. every category, almost every category he's crushing. >> you asked the question, what should he do? he should go back to the economy.
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today he's in at hispanic forum in miami. he said he wants to be president of the 100%. >> cenk: romney? >> yeah. >> cenk: i thought he was going to stick with the 47%. >> well, the 47% he decided he wanted to enlarge his attention. but then there is the tradition of america liking an underdog. he has hit bottom. he has had the good fortune of hitting bottom 45 days before the election or so. that works to his favor. >> cenk: i got to ask a question. i love the idea of mitt romney being the underdog, the guy with the cayman islands account. senate, how many seats--right now the democrats have at 53. >> i think they're going to have 51-25 seats. angus king is going to win and he'll be an independent senator who will follow the democrats. >> cenk: you got closest on this one. it will be 53. they're going to remain the same.
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i might be underestimating it. there is going to be a huge surge for the democrats. i'm not mr. pro-democrat. i'm just telling you how i see it, the democrats are surging in a big way and the republicans are in big trouble. as always, great job michael we appreciate it. the strategy that they think can rescue mitt romney. >> obama admitting that he believes in redistribution of wealth. >> you take it from this group. get it to the government, they redistribute it to that group. >> cenk: yes you schmuck. that's called taxes. i'm going to destroy that talking point when we come back. and then elbow of the day who is it going to be? we haven't done it yet. it's coming. you can guess at@tyt on twitter.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: so obviously mitt romney is very hurt over these leaked tapes coming out of his fundraiser in boca raton where he dismisses of a of the country, he's hurt bad. what are they going to do? they're going to pretend they have leaked tapes of president obama. now it's from 1998, and he said absolutely nothing wrong. listen for yourself. >> i think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because i actually believe in
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redistribution. at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody has got a shot. >> cenk: oh, ladies and gentlemen, they got him! he said redistribution of wealth. let's see if mitt romney emphasizes redistribution. >> the president's view is one of a larger government. there is a tape that just came out today where the president sang he likes redistribution. i disagree. where government plays a larger and larger roll role, and redistributes money we believe in free enterprise, not redistribution. and create wealth, know distribute wealth. i know some believe that government should take to some and give to the others. i think the president makes it clear in the tape released today that that's what he believes. whether we want a government that's larger, more intrusive in redistributing income. i think people would like to be
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paying taxes. i think that's an entirely foreign concept. >> cenk: people like paying taxes, really? why do you hyped your money in the cayman islands, swiss bank accounts etc. i know, one year he played 13% wow. fox news and mitt romney teeming up to say there are two leaked tapes. they're all equal. press, make sure you call it equal. look at campaign escalate battle over dueling quotes. and the second one redistribution versus victims dueling videos shake up white house race. everything is 50/50 we have this nonsense scenario that doesn't prove a goddamn thing and then you have this damaging tape against mitt romney. here is fox news cavalry of
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propaganda to help mitt romney on this exact point. >> that is how you do redistribution in the obama days. >> i think it's a terrible statement. it's a shame. >> he gets an off teleprompter and he doesn't know that he's being recorded. >> that's class warfare. >> the rich and so-called less than rich. >> that pits those people against those people. that is division. >> i think his basic mindset is redistribution. >> obama admitting that in fact, he believes in redistribution of wealth. >> you take it from this group get it to the government. they redistribute it to that group. >> cenk: okay, now let me destroy this talking point. this is the simplest thing in the world. it's called taxes. for example, you take from me in the form of income taxes and other taxes and you give it to another group called the cops. and another group called the fire department p and a third group called the teachers.
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you're redistricting my income. yes, i know, that's why we call it an income tax. we take from people and we run the government with it. that's how to works. a small part of that is giving to people who are needy which republicans hate. that's what romney spoke out against. oh, they feel they're entitled to food. of course, we're not going to give them food. in reality the great bulk of the government's money goes to essential resources like cops firemen or junk like disastrous wars in the middle east. that's where our money goes. this talking point is utter crap. there is redistribution, though, in places where we don't want it. the american people don't want it and certainly progressives don't want it. let me show you about that. first of you will, you know how romney talked about that 47% that don't pay federal income taxes? do you know in that group there are 24,000 tax payers in the top
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1% that pay no taxes at all. they're making over $500,000. there are over 3,000 millionaires that in this country who don't pay income taxes. you talk about people who want to take from the government and don't pay back. they're not needy but they say we're not going to pay federal taxes. screw the government. isn't that the republican ideology. when they talk about redistributing income, they don't want corporations to pay taxes. they want you to pay taxes. here are the republicans saying, corporations, oh my god, they pay way too much. >> our corporate rate is 35%. the european average is 25%. stupider than europe. >> europeans in particular have much more in lower corporate taxes than the united states. >> so taxation that a piece job
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creation. >> the united states today has the second highest tax rate in the world. >> that is the second highest. >> the u.s. has one of the most uncompetitive business tax systems in the world. >> we have the second highest tax put burden on average. >> we know that america is among the highest in the world, if not the highest. >> i would disagree with the idea that we want to have a corporate tax burden at all. >> what do you think the ultimate effective tax rate should be on corporations? >> zero. zero. >> i think the solution is to eliminate corporate taxes all together. >> we're not looking for corporations to get off lightly. we're looking for corporations to be taxed fairly. >> cenk: no, you're looking for them to get off lightly as in zero percent. when the corporations don't pay their taxes who will have to pay more? you and me. that's called redistribution in all the wrong ways. by the way the oil companies they re redistribute our money. they get giant sacks subsidies.
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since they don't pay it, we pay it. 36 top corporations in this country who paid no taxes or got a rebate every single year since 2008. those are fortune 500 companies. when they don't pay the taxes we pay the taxes. that's the real redistribution of wealth, and it goes to the top. let me show you when you look at actual taxes that's the effective tax rate. the taxes they actually pay. this puts a lie to those conservatives you just saw. we're not near the top. we're near the bottom. we are at at 13.4% because they don't pay the taxes. you think they're paying that 35%? no, they got a million loopholes and exemptions. the amount they pay is near the bottom when you compare it to the rest of the world. what does that mean for us? let me show you this chart of productivity. i've shown you this before. since 1947 our productivity as american workers is sky high and continues to rise.
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we're doing great. are we getting the rewards of that? no, our hourly wage and compensation has flat lined. you see that giant difference between the yellow line and the blue and the red line? that amount of money has been redistributed. where has it gone? to the corporations. let me show you one more chart here. this is corporate taxes as a percentage of u.s. tax revenue. it is diving down. that means after taxes corporations make so much more money because they have rigged the rules in their favor. so that that extra productivity you worked so hard for went to them, and it didn't go to you. at the end of all that they go on fox news and say oh, my god we pay too much corporate taxes. it should be zero. we should redistribute more of you the money to multi national corporations from your pockets.
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and republicans love it because it favors the rich. when we come back, we fought back against chick-fil-a. here at "the young turks" we did it in unique style. >> did it work? >> what we're doing now has taken me pleasure for many years. i'm sad but proud this is my last chick-fil-a sandwich. >> it turns out, ladies and gentlemen, we might have got 'em. we'll tell you about it when we come back. and then later in the show people are fired for dancing. why? [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> it's just a case punishment not fitting the crime. membership. welcome in. american express.
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>> it's go time. 72
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: now it's our time for elbow of the day. the elbow of the day is going to go to pat buchanan. but we won't tell you who is giving that elbow until we show you why. all the republicans have been doing this nonsense attack against president obama on welfare. but pat buchanan took it to a different level. >> president obama is a drug dealer of welfare. he wants permanent dependency. it's not only wrong but racial. it's obvious. under george w. bush. 14.7 million on the food stamps.
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under obama 14.2 million. bush did it in eight years. take that with a grain of salt. but let me show you more. in 2002 president bush expanded that program. when they simplified the program, instead of making it coupons they gave debt cards. that's when it started taking off. the second huge factor in large of people getting food stamps was in the last year of president obama's bush in 2008 when we added 4.4 million people to that program. it's the recession stupid. that's what created all these people on food stamps. that's why pat buchanan is wrong. but let's put him in the ring, and i'll show you who is dropping the elbow. it's going to be me. i'll tell you what i mean by that. look, i knew pat buchanan when i was at msnbc. he's easy to get along with, joke around with
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